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Shark-mouth Lamborghini Huracan Wrap Drops the Bomb

A few years ago, when liquid wraps started to take off, many expected the old-school side of the second skin industry, if we may call it so, to lose some serious grip. However, such predictions were far from accurate. In fact, the vinyl wrap realm has managed to reach new heights, all thanks to constantly bombarding us with fresh designs.
Fighter Plane Lamborghini Huracan Wrap 1 photo
And one of the new-age trends in the business involves a fighter plane take, with the most recent example of this coming from the Lamborghini you can see here.

This Huracan has received a bomb of a wrap and, despite the second skin involving mostly dark hues, this makes the V10 beast stand out like few other supercars out there.

It's worth noting that, unlike in the case of other fighter plane-themed go-fast machines we've shown you in the past, the one we have here keeps its shark teeth on its sides (the usual take sees the said elements being placed on the nose of a machine).

Speaking of which, we'll take a bit of time to remind you some of the previous shark teeth fighter plane-impersonating supercars we've shown you in the past.

To this day, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS PDK remains our favorite, with the track bias of the Zuffenhausen machine meaning that the "livery" turns it into a frightening rear view mirror presence.

Oh, and we mustn't forget the Ferrari 458 we brought you last summer. Since we're talking about a Speciale, the wielder of the Prancing Horse's last naturally aspirated V8, the Fezza made quite an impression.

Truth be told, we were glad to see such a Ferrari 458 Speciale being used instead of receiving the dreaded garage queen treatment.

And we have a feeling that it won't take all that long until we get our keyboard on fresh members of this wrap genre.


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