Shame, Shame, Shame - The Post-Race Camp at Le Mans Looks like a Warzone

We (unfortunately) came across a short video that was recorded while leaving the camping grounds of the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans, France, after the French MotoGP round, last weekend. Saying that the sight is a disheartening one doesn't even begin to express our disappointment.
Post-race camping at Le Mans, 2016 6 photos
Photo: Facebook capture
Post-race camping at Le Mans, 2016Post-race camping at Le Mans, 2016Post-race camping at Le Mans, 2016Post-race camping at Le Mans, 2016Post-race camping at Le Mans, 2016
What is even gloomier is that we've seen similar sights in many other places, such as music festivals. Of course, things will not be left this way, and cleaning teams will arrive shortly after the campers are gone, to collect all the garbage and whatever is left behind.

The area will be swept clean and will return to a green pasture to welcome another lot of campers attending the next road racing event at Le Mans, but even so, I can't hold back my regrets. Wouldn't it be much simpler to take care of whatever waste people produce right away?

That is, knowing that large masses of spectators will be camping in the designated areas, why on earth is it THAT hard to provide them with a proper way to dispense of the garbage? Some people we've been talking to about such issues replied that having so many dumpsters between the tents and trailers would not look too appealing for a MotoGP fan camp.

Well, watching the video convinced us that even a "dumpster rally" would look better than what we saw in the camping at Le Mans. Honestly, we didn't expect motorcycle riders or road racing enthusiasts to be so much different from the rest of the folks. People are people, after all, and being a biker or a MotoGP fan doesn't make an individual different, let alone worse or better.

However, it's the plain respect for nature that should have been more than enough motivation for these chaps, but it looks like this time nature lost the game. Too bad, it will take some time to erase these images from the mind...

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