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ShadowCat and Triton Submarines Unveil 164-Foot Launch-and-Recovery Craft Concept

Hot on the heels of ShadowCat and Triton Submarines’ Shadowlark, a 23.9-meter (78.4-ft) launch-and-recovery support catamaran, the two introduced a new concept designed for the luxury tourism industry.
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Shadowlark Pro conceptShadowlark Pro conceptShadowlark Pro conceptShadowlark Pro conceptShadowlark Pro concept
Called Shadowlark Pro, the new vessel is based on the Shadowlark platform, a 23.9-meter (78.4-ft) launch-and-recovery craft (LARC) presented last month. The Shadowlark was designed both as a shadow vessel that could host a Triton 3300/3 MKII submarine and a catamaran that could sail without a mothership.

Unlike its predecessor, the new vessel is intended for commercial operations, and it offers significantly more space onboard. Support yacht developer ShadowCat and submersible manufacturer Triton Submarines designed the concept, while Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS), Australia-based Incat Crowther, was in charge of the naval architecture.

“Though our eight passenger Triton 660/9 AVA is causing a sensation in the Expedition Cruise sector, the demand for a higher capacity submersible versus the available space onboard the cruise vessel has been a conflict that can’t be resolved. The natural solution is to take the submersible off the mothership,” explained Bruce Jones, CEO of Triton Submarines.

Measuring 50 meters (164 ft) in length, the Shadowlark Pro was created to fit a larger submarine, such as the Triton DeepView. These 15-meter (50-ft) modular submersibles have an acrylic section, which has room for six passengers, allowing operators to customize the capacity of a submarine from 12 to 66 people. Of course, if the owner requests, the Shadowlark Pro can accommodate multiple smaller submersibles instead.

The vessel has a 14-meter (46-ft) beam, and it’s capable of accommodating a crew of ten on board. Its size also allows for different post-dive lounges, as well as stowage for large tenders, boats, and diving and jet-ski centers. Furthermore, it has enough space for a helicopter. This way, the need to have a certified helipad on the mothership is eliminated.

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