Shades-Wearing BMW Driver Acts Accordingly, Undertakes at the Worst Moment

Making the decision to buy a BMW isn't an easy one for those who care maybe a little too much what the world thinks of them. The Bavarian brand has some wonderful cars in its lineup, no question about that, but it also has some of the worst drivers.
BMW bad undertake 4 photos
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BMW undertake crashBMW undertake crashBMW undertake crash
"Oh, come on, that's the oldest cliche in the world," you'll say, followed by "the same can be said about Audi, and maybe even Mercedes-Benz," and you'd be right on both accounts. But the thing is, just because something falls into the cliche category, doesn't necessarily mean it's not true. What it actually means is that it has become a truism because so many people have noticed that fact, and kept repeating it.

As for the drivers of other premium German brands, it's true: every garden has its weeds. But then again, people who spend a lot of money on powerful cars tend to want to squeeze every last cent out of their investment, and sometimes that means doing stupid things like speeding or driving recklessly. And that's how their reputation gets built.

Take this BMW 3 Series driver here for example. He was angry because the dashcam car stopped to allow the school bus to merge, even though it didn't have the right of way. Generally speaking, allowing a slow vehicle in your lane isn't a good idea (and it's not very considerate toward those behind you), but since traffic was kind of slow, it didn't make much of a difference.

It did to the BMW driver, though, who immediately started honking to express his disapproval. Then, as they approached an intersection, he noticed the lights were about to turn red, and he wouldn't have had time to go through, so he decides to accelerate and undertake the dashcam car as they were all turning left. The problem is, the road they were getting on only had one lane. What it also had was a big concrete barrier on the side, which the German car climbed with an ease that would have put a lot of SUVs to shame.

We get the feeling the guy in the camera car was also a bit upset about the honking incident from earlier, so he deliberately took the left turn a little wider, pushing the BMW out and onto the sidewalk. But since we don't know what brand he was driving, there's always the chance it was an Audi or a Mercedes-Benz.

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