Sexy Miss Universe Girls Ride in Mercedes SLS

Did you know some women will spend 2 hours doing their hair before going out? Swear to God! And if you ask them why, they’ll tell you dressing up is 50% of the fun of going out.
Sexy Miss Universe Girls Ride in Mercedes SLS 1 photo
In two hours, you could probably do a full service check, oil change, timing belt… the lot.

These candidates for the title of Miss Universe got all dolled up, but not to go clubbing. Instead, their pretty little hairdos were thrashed around the Moscow Raceway. With pro driver Alexey Karachev and a mighty Merccedes Benz SLS AMG, panic rapidly ensues.

Now Alexey is probably popular with the girls, but even he can’t help but look when Miss Germany addresses a wardrobe malfunction. A dry “gulp” follows, naturally.

Editor’s note: My vote goes to miss Germany!
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