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Sexy Girls Banned from Auto Shanghai 2015 Vent with Harlem Shake

This year, Chinese authorities decided to ban sexy models and children from the Shanghai Auto Show. We were kind of looking forward to seeing those skimpy costumes on our first visit to the people's republic, but the decision was justified.
Sexy Girls Banned from Auto Shanghai 2015 Vent with Harlem Shake 1 photo
While the girls in Detroit, Paris or Geneva draw the line at short dresses, their counterparts from China are more eager to get noticed. They put on transparent garments or in extreme cases nothing more than body paint. That kind of gave the car shows a bad name, as people were more focused on the 90-60-90 instead of horsepower figures.

It's not like there weren't any girls in Shanghai, just that they weren't model types dressed as go-go dancers.

After the controversial decision had been taken, these sexy young Chinese women decided to do a response video. How? By performing 2013's hit dance, the Harlem Shake. It's not a good dance, but that didn't stop us from watching it.

We can almost imagine how the syndicate of hot girls met after the government announced its decision. What are we going to do if they ban us from cement truck shows and fishing expositions next?

We think the video is fake. Firstly, it was uploaded to Youtube on April 2nd, three weeks before the show. We were in Shanghai a couple of days early and even then, the stands weren't ready.

On a personal note, autoevolution can't find any fault with beautiful women at car shows. They give a sense of meaning to these hundred thousand dollar toys we talk about every day. Just don't let them wear anything vulgar!

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