Sexy Gamer Girl's Corvette Crashed, Now Her Brother Crashed Her Rental Camaro

Yes, we know what you we did last summer. Among others, we showed you a sexy gamer girl who is enjoying Internet stardom and  bought a 2014 Corvette Stingray, possibly with Youtube cash. Well, we're here to talk about Lia Wolf once again, as she appears to have run out of car luck.
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Before we delve deeper into SSSniperWolf's (this is how online friends know her) automotive misfortune, we have to mention that while her Youtube channel had 750,000 subscribers back in August 2014, her fan base has now grown to almost 1.2 million.

Sure, people following you on the Internet is not the same with, say, gathering the same number of folks in front of the TV while hosting a show. Still, the over 103,891,540 views her channel has gathered so far have the potential to bring her up to $620,000, using a $6/1,000-view Youtube partner reward.

A few weeks ago, another car crashed into Lia's Corvette while she was in a parking lot. The other driver was at fault, so the girl could carry on gaming, the insurance would take care of everything.

Alas, the repair job ended up lasting more than expected, with the shop taking care of her 'Vette giving Lia a 2014 Camaro Convertible as a rental. Despite having moved from a V8 to a V6, she was happy with her open-top driving, but it all went wrong when she decided to let her brother drive.

Judging by how she described everything in the gaming video below, Lia's brother isn't the kind of driver who's afraid to mash the throttle. The gamer girl explains how, after a series of donuts, they were in their neighborhood when her brother sent the Camaro flying into a curb.

The impact was not a soft one - the wheels and tires were severely damaged, while the wheel alignment looked really out of place. Oh, there's one more thing that need to be mentioned. Lia had chosen not to opt for the $20/day insurance.

After going through some rather twisted moments that involved the neighbors and some... police anxiety, she decided to take the Camaro back to the company she got it from. The result? At least for the time being, she was charged $500. While she financially covered her brother, now she says she'll never let him drive her cars again. Luckily, it seems she hasn't really gotten into Grand Trouble Auto.

While the footage below doesn't show anything related to the crash, Lia's description of the accident and its aftermath is adorable, being sprinkled with stuff like Grand Theft Auto references.

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