Sexy Gamer Girl Buys a 2014 Corvette: With Her Youtube Money?

Some folks say that Youtube videos are random and badly made by people with really weird ideas. Equals Three is certainly no CNN, but it's proven that for every weird nice idea, there seems to be a million viewerers on the internet who love it.
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Photo: SSSniperWolf
Meet Lia Wolf, otherwise known to the online world as SSSniperWolf. You probably never heard of her before, but she has about 750,000 Youtube subscribers, which is no small achievement.

Lia is one part internet personality, one part cosplayer and one part video game review. We haven't had the pleasure of watching too many of her clips, but Lia says she's a Metal Gear Solid fan and has been doing a lot of Grand Theft Auto funny videos lately, so she's okay in our book.

Internet stardom is paying off, and a couple of months ago, she bought a new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. And get this: after buying the car, which she says is a 2014 model year, Lia plasti-dipped the wheels, turn signals and emblem all by herself in one night. That, to us, suggestss she is passionate about cars and knows what makes them cool.

"I didn't paint anything black, it's called plasti dip. It lasts a long time, although you can rip it off whenever you want. It doesn't damage the car or decrease the value," Lia says in one of her video's comments.

But the real question here is: can you buy a $50,000 car with the money you make on Youtube? There's another recent video where she purchases a second-hand BMW X5 for her mother, so everything is possible. According to data we've found, her 46,492,031 current channel views can be worth as much as $279,000, based on a $6/1000-view average. So maybe little Lia can get a Ferrari as well.

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