Sexy Anastasia Tests V40 Cross Country

You could say that we're only showing you this video because it has a sexy ex-Playboy model in it. Anastasia Tregubova… that sounds like somebody you'd want to marry after the first date. But just like in all the other car reviews she's done, the V40 Cross Country gets pushed to the extreme, on mucky roads.
Sexy Anastasia Tests V40 Cross Country 1 photo
Anastasia also tests the civilized and safe side of the car, the active safety sensors, the self-parking feature, the build quality and the everyday usability. She even drops in a history lesson, with Edward Cullen the vampire for Twilight used as a reference.

I'm sure the video is very funny if you understand everything, but I don't so am going to tell you what we thought of the car when we tested it. Basically, the Cross Country version is far more interesting than the regular V40. The driving position is crossover-like, a bit raises compared to a hatch, but not the SUV-like. There's very little body roll and the engine response is good, so spirited driving is encourage. At the rear, that hatch is quite sloped, so cargo capacity isn't what you'd imagine. Overall, far from being an afterthought spin-off from the V40, the Cross Country is nicest compact Volvo has made.

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