Service Department Tales: Beware of Joyriding Employees Like This One

We've all been at least once to a local garage or a dealership's service department to have an oil change, the brake pads replaced or more serious operations. But for the love of your car, don't forget to write down what the odometer says you racked up to the moment you enter the garage. That's a bulletproof solution for discouraging employees with a passion to take customer vehicles for a joyride.
Joyriding Service Department Employee 1 photo
Take this situation as a prime example of what might happen to your beloved vehicle when you're not around. Canadian Liveleak user "optop" tells that he had taken his car for bodywork repairs at a service department in Alberta. Being suspicions by nature, he left a cheap, compact camera running in his car and the results are teeth clenching. If you listen closely to the audio of the video attached below, you can clearly hear that the employee behind the steering wheel invites a female coworker for a joyride.

That did not happen because the vehicle's owner has written down the mileage of his car before handing over the keys. If the two service department workers would've gone for a joyride, that would've cost them their jobs to say the least, while the owner could've pressed charges against the garage.

"When I dropped it off I asked if they were working on it on site and he said yes, so I said that there would be no reason for the car to leave the lot. He then watched me write down the odometer reading just before I gave him the key," tells "optop" in the video's description. So remember: when you schedule a service visit, always write down what the odometer shows in front of an employee. That'll teach 'em a lesson.


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