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Sergi Galiano Checks Out the Mercedes-Benz AVTR, World’s Most Futuristic Car

If you ask me, Supercar Blondie is perhaps the luckiest car enthusiast in the world. She got another chance to showcase the world’s coolest car yet again, the Mercedes AVTR. Sergi got the exclusive chance to test out this real-life, straight from a fairy tale, futuristic car in the desert.
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Mercedes AVTRMercedes AVTRMercedes AVTRMercedes AVTRMercedes AVTR
The Mercedes Vision AVTR is hand-down the most futuristic concept car so far. Watching this video got me skittish I mean, the possibilities in this world are endless. The AVTR isn’t just any concept car, it is a collaboration between Mercedes and the makers of Avatar, yes, the Avatar movie.

If you’ve watched Avatar, you understand how crazy it was to make the Mercedes AVTR. This is a car that’s perfectly derived from fiction into reality, with zero mistakes. It looks so perfect it might have come from the future.

The wheels have strobe lights that get their inspiration from the Avatar movie's tree of souls, and whoever the designer was, did a spot-on job. Unlike your regular wheels, the AVTR’s wheels are spherical, can drive separately, and turn up to 30 degrees, giving it a crab-walk effect.

The most impressive part of the car is the back. Well, no need for a back window. Instead, it has something better. Patched on the roof are 33 scales that can move individually. Mercedes calls these Pangolin-looking scales, Bionic Flaps. These flaps move and swap colors according to the car's motion. They can also decompress, and lie flat, one of the most incredible things ever done on a car (no offense, but this makes Tesla flapping doors embarrassing).

The AVTR doesn’t come with door handles, it’s got a glass door, yes, like in the Jetsons, but better, it resembles an insect’s wing. It has a minimalistic interior that’s sustainable and tech-inspired—zero knobs and dials, just seats and a center controller.

Also, no calling shotgun on the AVTR left or right seat since it's controllable from either side. The interior front panel comes from an invasive tree root, that’s been repurposed by Mercedes-Benz for sustainability.

No steering wheels here, a center illuminating control sits right between the front seats and acts as the accelerator, brake, and direction. You can literally spin it in whatever direction you desire.

There’s no denying the Mercedes-Benz ATVR is way ahead of its time and it’s almost extra-terrestrial, or is it? If these are the cars of the future, I was born way too early.

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