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Semi-Autonomous HB1 Robot Is a Four-Wheeled Spider Man That Can Climb Any Wall

Developed by British company HausBots, with help from the University of Warwick, the HB1 is a four-wheeled robot that can climb any kind of wall.
HB1 wall-climbing robot 8 photos
HausBots HB1 robotHausBots HB1 robotHausBots HB1 robotHausBots HB1 robotHausBots HB1 robotHausBots HB1 robotHausBots HB1 robot
The HB1 was designed to be used for applications such as building inspection, maintenance, and even painting, cutting down the costs associated with these kinds of tasks. At the same time, the bot is supposed to keep people grounded, literally, reducing the risk of accidents at such workplaces.

With a car-like design, the machine has a chassis, four rubber wheels and is controlled via a 110V tether system. It is semi-autonomous, knowing where it is on the wall and collecting data from the surface it is climbing on, but it is controlled by an operator on the ground.

Using the company’s patent-pending technology, the bot is able to climb a variety of surfaces, from smooth to rough, curved to flat, magnetic to non-magnetic. In order to cling to these surfaces, the HB1 one uses two integrated electric fans which help it stick to the wall by creating a vacuum against the surface. The machine has a payload of 6 kg (13 lb) and the suction system creates 42 kg (92 lb) of force into the surface.

Range-wise, the HB1 can climb up to heights of 30 m (98 ft) from the ground, but if you supply the tether from the roof, that range extends considerably.

HausBots designed the HB1 to work with various attachments, such as HD cameras, ultrasonic probes, concrete surveying equipment, and airless spraying attachments for painting.

Its developers claim the HB1 can reduce costs by more than 50 percent and it can perform tasks three times faster than humans, with zero danger involved for anyone.

While we have no info on HB1’s pricing, we know that the product is already on the market and has already carried out many jobs, from painting to cleaning graffiti off buildings. You can contact HausBots for additional information.


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