Sell the House and Seize a Luxury 2024 Anthem Motorcoach: Take Life to the Next Level

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Photo: Entegra Coach
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There are countless luxury motorcoach builders out there, but few can stand up against the machines that Entegra Coach spits out. With that in mind, strap in, fill her up, and let's hit the road. For the next few minutes, we'll be living out of the 2024 Anthem.
Folks, Entegra is one of those teams you only seek out if you have the buck to purchase one of their machines. For example, today's subject, the 2024 Anthem lineup, has floorplans priced around the $750K range for the larger ones. That's more than most of us would ever spend on something like this, but if any of us hit the lottery this year, this RV should be on your list of toys to indulge in.

Now, the Anthem lineup is part of Entegra's "diesel pusher" RVs, sporting a Cummins L9 Turbocharged engine with 450 hp and 1,250 lb-ft (1,695 Nm) of torque at 1,400 RPM. That's all then integrated into a Spartan K2 chassis, the same use in emergency response vehicles the likes of firetrucks. An Allison 6-speed transmission is also part of the magic that makes you move. In short, you'll be spending quite a bit on one of these babies, but you're basically buying a bulletproof machine.

Overall, six floorplans are currently available, so for me to try and run through all of them would be insanity, not to mention that we'd be here for the next couple of hours. So, to make things easier to understand, let's pretend we all have no-limit credit cards, and we just paid for one of these babies.

You'll then find yourself walking out to your future mobile mansion on Entegra's lot, along the way, becoming an exclusive member of a community that's centered around the customer, in this case, you. A few moments later, you lock eyes with your 44-foot (13.4 m) wheeled behemoth, and the butterflies are sure to start flying around.

2024 Anthem
Photo: Entegra Coach
You and your loved one then walk around the Anthem, touching its gel-coat finish, opening and closing all the storage bays scattered all along the lower half of the body, and if you're like me, you might check tire pressure with a kick, classic trucker move.

At this stage, your Entegra representative will look over at you, hand you the keys, and a couple of moments later, you're at the wheel waving goodbye with what could be one of the biggest smiles you've ever shown to the world. A quick stop at the house to load up your goods, possibly even sign the sales agreement on your property (got to pay for one of these behemoths somehow), and it's onto a life lived on the road.

Let's skip over the whole drive to your destination and all that and just picture ourselves with this bugger parked in some corner of a lot or on a little plot of land you purchased last year, overlooking some vineyard. After stretching the muscles and taking in the view, it's time to press a few buttons and transform the vehicle you've driven into its final form, a fully-blown luxury abode. I'm talking about self-leveling systems and slide-outs!

It's with these features that Entegra offers its future owners a luxurious home that includes all the little creature comforts we could ever ask for. Depending on the floor plan you choose, you'll find areas filled with reclining couches, modular dinettes, entertainment centers, and residential-sized kitchens and appliances.

2024 Anthem
Photo: Entegra Coach
Also, don't expect to see linoleum floors in these beasts. Here, it's all about porcelain, tiles, hardwoods, and the finest leathers the industry has to offer. A wonderful use of LEDs mixed with the windows all over each unit to strike the perfect balance of lighting, bringing all the textures of surfaces to life. All the while, appliances like an induction top, dishwasher, massive fridge, and countless others are integrated into the surroundings.

But, what I found most pleasant about the Anthem lineup was the inclusion of more than one bathroom in the majority of units. Not only will your guests have their own bathroom to use, but your ensuite lavatory will remain untouched by buttocks other than your own; it's the little things in life. This feature is bound to be a god-given if you plan on traveling with a large family.

Once you've familiarized yourself with the layout of these units, start unloading all your gear and set up that outdoor dining area. Considering an outdoor entertainment center is part of every layout, throw down a couple of chairs, a table, a grill, and enjoy the sunset, followed by stories of the past, present, and future.

Listen, I could sit here and talk about the sort of lifestyle you can lead with one of these babies all day, but the one and only way to see if it's for you is to head down to a dealer that may have one of these beauties in stock, maybe Entegra themselves, climb aboard and revert to the beginning of this article. Leave a comment if you've chosen to sell the house and live a different kind of life.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Anthem floorplans.

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