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Self-Driving Cars Will Be the End of Domestic Flights, Audi Strategist Claims

With the fast development of self-driving cars, drivers have started discussing what the streets will look like in the future. While city officials around the world are slowly allowing carmakers to test their autonomous cars on the road, vice president of brand and sales development at Audi, Sven Schuwirth, believes this technology will change the entire world 20 years from now.
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The German brand’s strategist has recently told Dezeen that he believes self-driving vehicles will affect the way we see and use both domestic flights and hotels. Naturally, short-haul travel will be transformed and the hassle of getting to and from airports eliminated. To stop wasting time and energy, business travelers will prefer sleeping in their cars while being transported to the destination using the vehicle as both a way of transportation and accommodation at the same time.

“Once you decide you want to go for an autonomous drive or a piloted drive, then something happens in your car, so your car transforms inside and the interior changes,” said Schuwirth. Audi’s strategist believes that in 20 years from now, cars will start looking more like mobile apartments, and service stations along highways will evolve to support them, offering drivers facilities for washing, dining and shopping.

How will cars look, will they have beds and perhaps even a nightstand where the driver keeps his or her book? Well, the vehicles that will drive themselves will offer more than security and comfort, apparently. Audi’s vice president of brand and sales development claims automobiles are the last place on the planet, besides maybe your room in your flat, where you can be on your own. Why not use it to relax, communicate, talk, dream, or just think?

Perhaps business travelers will be using autonomous cars in this way, but one has to wonder what happens with all the other people who will still need to work a 9 to 5 job. What about those countries that lack the infrastructure (which so far are the majority) and the situation will probably remain so for quite a while?


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