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Seemingly Abandoned Property in the Middle of Nowhere Is Loaded with Classic Cars

Did you ever wonder how many classic cars are rotting away in junkyards across the U.S.? Millions? Tens of millions? I guess we'll never know for sure because there's no way we can keep tabs.
abandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhere 8 photos
abandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhereabandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhereabandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhereabandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhereabandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhereabandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhereabandoned classic cars in the middle of nowhere
In addition to that, some scrapyards and derelict car stashes are still hidden from the public eye. The junkyard you're about to see below is one of those "collections" of old automobiles located on a seemingly abandoned property in the middle of nowhere.

According to "Adventures Made From Scratch," who went there to buy a 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS, the property is somewhere in a small village in northern Kansas, near the Nebraska border. But that's all the info we get because even though it's not exactly abandoned, the property is no longer inhabited regularly and the owner doesn't want unexpected visitors.

Not surprising given that the land is littered with classic cars waiting for a second chance. And the stash includes everything from 1950s to 1980s automobiles, as well as trucks, motorhomes, and even an ambulance.

Granted, most of the vehicles that are rotting away here are far from rare and desirable, but some of them are worth checking out or even saving. One such item is the late 1940s Chevrolet6400 truck that shows up early in the video. You won't make a fortune restoring and selling it, but these rigs are hard to find.

I also spotted a Plymouth Cranbrook, a forgotten yet cool Mopar from the early 1950s. Introduced in 1951 as a replacement for the Special De Luxe, it remained in production for only three years, until it was replaced by the Savoy.

While conservatively styled, the Cranbrook was rather stylish, especially in two-door coupe and convertible layouts. The entire lineup was powered by a 218-cubic-inch (3.6-liter) straight-six rated at 97 horsepower. This one still has the visor, one of my all-time favorite classic car features.

If you're into Fords, there are quite a few spending their retirement years here. You'll see a mid-1950s Fairlane and a handful of F-Series pickup trucks. There's also a rare 1951 hauler that is suited for a second chance as a rat rod. An Econoline pickup and a Mercury Marquis round off the FoMoCo collection.

Moving over to GM stuff, I spotted a couple of Chevrolet Novas, a desirable third-generation El Camino, and a long-wheelbase Cadillac. The latter appears to be a professional vehicle, which makes it really cool albeit not exactly desirable. If you're into motorhomes, a 1970s GMC with some upgrades is waiting to be rescued.

While all of these vehicles are for sale, our host doesn't provide any info on how to get in touch with the owner. But if you really want something, you could try your luck with a comment on YouTube. If not, it's an entertaining exploration nonetheless.

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