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Seemingly Abandoned Property Hides Big Hoard of Dodge, Plymouth Muscle Cars

Most Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s are highly desirable, but most of them aren't exactly rare. Mopar sold many nameplates in massive numbers back in the day and many of those cars spend their retirement years abandoned in junkyards.
big hoard of abandoned Mopars 7 photos
big hoard of abandoned Moparsbig hoard of abandoned Moparsbig hoard of abandoned Moparsbig hoard of abandoned Moparsbig hoard of abandoned Moparsbig hoard of abandoned Mopars
What we're looking at here is not a typical scrapyard, but this seemingly abandoned property is home to a massive amount of classic cars. And about half of them are of the Mopar variety, including many muscle cars from the golden era.

Whoever turned this big yard into a Mopar hoard is clearly a massive fan of Dodge produced from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. The "collection" brings together not only Challengers and Chargers but also includes Super Bees and Coronets.

But the owner obviously loves Plymouths too, because I spotted quite a few Road Runners and GTXs.

With no info on these vehicles to run by, it's difficult to estimate if some of them are actually rare. And even though some badges suggest we're looking at big-block V8 models, we don't know if these cars still have mill under their hoods.

But seeing more than a couple of Plymouth GTXs in one place is a big deal since the company didn't make too many of them compared to the popular Road Runner.

But while this isn't a junkyard that sells classic cars for parts, most of the vehicles seem to be in bad shape. Others look like they could be saved and restored, but the guy documenting the hoard says the owner doesn't want to sell.

Mopars aside, this massive yard also includes vehicles from other brands. I spotted quite a few Ford pickup trucks and even a couple of Fairlanes. The place is also packed with vans and campers, semi trucks, and even a few boats. Check them all out in the video below.

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