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See Italy's Most Stubborn Driver in Action, the Car's Clutch Gives Up Before He Does

A driver has been recorded attempting to enter a narrow roadway in a small Italian town. What seemed to be an unfortunate miscalculation from the man behind the wheel turned into a unique contest. The fence kept taking all the hits but, in the end, won the unexpected rivalry.
Italian Driver of a Lancia Trying to Enter a Driveway 7 photos
Lancia Ypsilon Driver Attempting to Enter a DrivewayLancia Ypsilon Driver Attempting to Enter a DrivewayLancia Ypsilon Driver Attempting to Enter a DrivewayLancia Ypsilon Driver Attempting to Enter a DrivewayLancia YpsilonLancia Ypsilon Driver Attempting to Enter a Driveway
When you think about Italy, the thoughts that pop up inside your head might be about visiting museums, learning about Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Alfa Romeo, drinking some very tasty wine in Florence, or taking a boat trip through Venice. Who knows, maybe you’d even consider a trip down south and learn more about the Sicilian way of living. After all, “dolce far niente” isn’t just a saying. In Italy, this is almost a rule that must apply at least a couple of times a year.

However, what anyone would not expect in Italy is to see angry drivers. It’s such a beautiful country with an incredibly rich history and many amazing places to visit! Why should anyone feel furious about anything, right? Well, this man’s day didn’t end like a traveler’s dream. He ended up wrecking his little Lancia.

The footage recorded by someone sitting in a parked car shows the stubborn man trying to enter a driveway. On the first attempt, he hits a fence pole. Instead of reversing and making sure his vehicle can safely enter the road ahead, the man keeps the steering wheel in the same position and continues working the clutch and the accelerator pedals. He doesn’t mind the damage that may have happened after such a hit.

The fence puts up a fight and doesn’t fail to protect the property from unwanted visitors. It’s a sturdy construction!

The Lancia Ypsilon continues to face the unlikely situation in which it is put and doesn’t fail to respond to the driver’s inputs. It takes all the hits. However, the man’s will to enter the driveway precisely as he wished eventually leads to the clutch failing and smoke starting to come from underneath the vehicle.

It’s not clear why this driver from Montesilvano in the Italian region of Pescara behaved in such a reckless way. 

At the end of the day, the driver might have proved that he’s capable of persistence, but it came at a cost. Now he’ll most likely have to pay for the fence and the damage he’s done to the Lancia.

Editor's note: The title of the Reddit post mistakenly identified the country as Portugal.


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