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Secret Mopar Yard Is Packed With Dodge Chargers and Plymouth Road Runners, All Rusty

When it comes to derelict classics, you'll find most of them in junkyards or private backyards hidden from the public eye. But while junkyards are usually home to vehicles from all brands, backyard "collections" tend to focus on certain things.
1970 Dodge Charger 500 7 photos
Mopar yardMopar yardMopar yardMopar yardMopar yardMopar yard
Sometimes it's muscle cars, other times it's pickup trucks and vans. But some people are focused on certain vehicles from a specific era. If you're a fan of Mopars, you might like this one because it's loaded with Dodges and Plymouths.

Documented by YouTube's "Auto Archaeology," this backyard is home to more than a dozen classic cars. And most of them are of the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Road Runner variety. And all of them seem to hail from the 1970s, whether we're talking about the golden muscle car era or the early Malaise era.

The location of this yard is unknown (the owner likely doesn't need the publicity), but these muscle cars have been here for decades. The host recalls seeing them in the same place about 20 years ago, but some of them look like they've been sitting for more than three decades.

Sadly, none of these cars are road-worthy. While some of them could be put back on the road with a bit of work, others are ruined beyond restoration. But it's still a cool collection that includes some hard-to-find gems.

Not a fan of mid-1970s Mopars? Well, this yard also includes earlier vehicles from the golden muscle car era. Like a pair of 1970 Road Runners and at least three Dodge Chargers made from 1970 to 1973.

One of them is a Charger 500 that appears to be in better condition than the rest. Sure, it hasn't been moved in decades and its original blue paint has faded away, but it looks to be complete. But don't get too excited though. This Charger 500 is a 1970 model, which means it's not the rare and highly desirable version that Dodge built for NASCAR duty.

While the 500 nameplate remained in showrooms for 1970, it was slapped on a mid-level Charger that slotted between the base model and the SE. Still, this one was born with a 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) V8, so it could be a rather desirable muscle car when restored.

The yard also includes a 1971 Coronet previously used for police duty, as well as a big stash of parts and engines. All of the Mopar variety, of course. And while the scenery is a bit sad with so many muscle cars rotting away, some of these classics still have a chance. And based on the larger numbers of parts sitting around, as well as the fact that the owner is restoring a 1970 Super Bee we saw a while back, there's hope that some of these cars will be saved.

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