Sebastian Vettel Tries Out Renault Zoe, Twizy & Twizy F1

Three-time Formula One champions and Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel was asked by Renault to drive its all-electric vehicle lineup, which includes the Zoe, Twizy and the Twizy F1 concept.
Sebastian Vettel - Renault 1 photo
The promotional event took place at Renault’s Z.E. Center on Seguin Island in Paris and market the German driver’s first contact with battery-powered cars. As expected, the KERS-equipped Twizy F1 was Vettel’s favorite, but he looked more than happy to try out the French company’s small EVs.

The promotional partnership is not surprising by any means, as Sebastian Vettel’s race-winning Red Bull Formula One car is also powered by Renault. The German driver is also involved in other road car projects, as he was named Director of Performance at Infiniti, Red Bull Racing’s main sponsor this Formula One season.


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