Seat's MÓ 50 Electric Scooter Targets Younger Generation With Modern Design and Features

The motorcycle industry is increasingly focusing on finding better solutions for urban mobility. For instance, Seat's MÓ range of vehicles is designed to offer a reliable, highly performant riding experience for commuting. The latest addition to the series is the Seat MÓ 50. Let's discover what it's all about.
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When it comes to personal mobility in Europe, the ongoing trend is downsizing and choosing two-wheeled EVs, such as e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-motorcycles, instead of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles. And it makes sense; technology has advanced so much that manufacturers can produce dependable, well-equipped vehicles.

One example is Seat – the progressive nature of Barcelona inspired its MÓ series. It's comprised of five models designed to make your commute comfortable, fun, and safe. After announcing the MÓ 125 electric scooter at EICMA 2022 and the more capable SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, the brand wanted to target the new, younger generation.

That's why the Spanish company revealed a new e-mobility vehicle meant for beginners: the MÓ 50, an electric scooter equivalent to a conventional 50cc gas-powered machine. Depending on where they're from, individuals as young as 14 years old will be able to get behind the handlebars of this EV.

Lucas Casasnovas, Seat MÓ Director, said, "The Seat MÓ 50 brings electric urban mobility to a new generation of riders that enjoys the freedom of moving around the city with no emission and no noise."

Seat MO 50 Electric Scooter
Photo: Seat
The Seat MÓ 50 could undoubtedly be described as the MÓ 125's younger brother. Even though it's adapted for a younger generation, it retains the functionality and delivers the same levels of excitement as its more powerful sibling.

The heart of the e-scooter is its powertrain – it's fitted with an advanced brushless electric motor that outputs 4 kW (5.3 hp) of nominal power, 7.3 kW (9.8 hp) of peak power, and 100 Nm (about 74 lb-ft) of torque to the rear wheel. It's definitely lightly powered, but you wouldn't want your kid going too fast anyway. The scooter can reach a top speed of 45 kph (28 mph), making it pretty agile for urban use.

A removable 5.6 kWh lithium-ion battery provides energy to the motor. Surprisingly, the MÓ 50 packs more range than most would expect. An official test cycle showed that you could go for up to 172 km (around 107 miles) per charge as long as you use it in the Eco mode, although you can probably expect a steep drop in the numbers if you ride in other modes. Juicing the battery will take about six to eight hours from a domestic supply.

You can select between three riding modes: City, Eco, and Sport. The latter will enable you to reach the top speed in 3.8 seconds. A nice touch is that Seat equipped the two-wheeled machine with a reverse gear, making it easier for the rider to maneuver out of a parking spot or any other tight space.

Seat MO 50 Electric Scooter
Photo: Seat
The new e-scooter boasts a similar compact and modern design, made to meet the needs of the new-gen mobility users. Only two colors are available for the EV: Barcelona Grey and Tarifa Blue.

Other components ensure you'll have a smooth ride on the scooter. It features a conventional front fork and a single rear shock absorber with an adjustable preload. Stopping power is critical for any vehicle – in this sense, the MÓ 50 boasts ventilated front and rear discs, as well as a hydraulic combined braking system and electric regeneration.

Lastly, as with any new EV, you'll find a bunch of techy features that offer a highly specified digital experience. Riders can locate the scooter and find out information about their journey by using Seat's smartphone app. You can also keep track of the CO2 emissions saved and total mileage, and the app will send you a notification in case of high battery temperatures, robbery, low battery, or whenever maintenance is needed.

The two USB ports allow you to keep your devices charged at all times, and a keyless function lets you simply hop on and go about your daily business – you can start up, lock, unlock and open the seat compartment with your phone. You'll also be able to share it with friends and family via phone access.

Seat MO 50 Electric Scooter
Photo: Seat
One of the significant advantages of a scooter, compared to a motorcycle, is storage space. And this is a big plus for this e-scooter - you'll be able to fit up to two helmets or luggage matching their size.

The Seat MÓ 50 is set to enter production in January 2023, and its launch is scheduled for the first quarter of next year. We don't know any pricing info yet, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for any announcements. You can discover more about the new e-scooter on Seat's official website.
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