SEAT Leon Cupra Now Has 290 PS, WLTP To Blame

As you’re well aware by now, every automaker that sells cars in Europe will switch to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure in September 2018. And as opposed to the NEDC used at the present moment in the Old Continent, the WLTP measures consumption and emissions in a different, more realistic fashion.
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SEAT Leon CupraSEAT Leon CupraSEAT Leon CupraSEAT Leon CupraSEAT Leon CupraSEAT Leon CupraSEAT Leon CupraSEAT Leon Cupra
The Real Driving Emissions test is another element of the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure, seeing the car take to the road with portable measurement systems. Groupe PSA is the first automaker to have tested vehicles this way, and little by little, the rest of the industry followed the French company's example.

To make a long story short, adapting engines from the NEDC to WLTP is a tough undertaking for lots of manufacturers. BMW is one of them, and the Volkswagen Group is also affected. Case in point: the Cupra 300 will soon be known as the Cupra 290.

According to Auto Express, “the car's official power figure drops from 296 bhp to 286 bhp as a result of the downgrade.” Such a shame, isn’t it? More so if you consider the 290 became the 300 last year with the mid-cycle refresh of the Cupra.

The Cupra ST, meanwhile, retains the 300 suffix and 296 horsepower thanks to the 4Drive all-wheel-drive system that comes standard with the longroof body style. “In the context of new homologations, there are adaptions for the exhaust-gas-treatment and for the power output,” a spokesman told the British motoring publication, confirming that the station wagon soldiers on with 300 ponies of the metric variety.

As we speak, the Cupra 300 is still listed on the Spanish automaker’s British configurator with 300 PS and a starting price of £29,615. Stepping up from five-door hatchback to the Cupra ST 300 station wagon levels up the price to £32,580.

Come 2020, an all-new generation will arrive. And with a little bit of luck, the Cupra-branded performance model could get an electrified powertrain.


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