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Searching for a Budget-Friendly MTB Machine? Gander at the 2022 X-Caliber 8 From Trek
It's that time of the year again; you know, when everybody is getting out of the house and can be seen riding vehicles of every kind. in that case, it's a great time to tell you a bit about the wonder you see here today.

Searching for a Budget-Friendly MTB Machine? Gander at the 2022 X-Caliber 8 From Trek

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Folks, what you're looking at is known as the X-Caliber 8, and while there are quite a few bikes that hail from Trek's X-Caliber series, this is one of the 2022 machines available to your right now. Why show you another bicycle? For the simple fact that this is one good for just about any terrain. With a price tag of $1,600 (€1,540 at current exchange rates), you may find it fitting for this season and a few after.

Trek classifies the 8 as an XC MTB, and while that's true, it's still built for the lighter side of this sort of riding. For example, the X-Caliber series results in hardtail bikes, and we all know the risks of flying downhill on something like this. I'm not saying it can't be done; it's just recommended that you try and keep the wheels on the ground as much as possible for your safety.

Nonetheless, Trek still loads up this aluminum frame with countless goodies known for proving themselves on the track, trail, and even through your local park and city. For example, the rear features no suspension, and while that may lead to a rougher ride, all your energy is driven right into the ground on the streets. The same holds true while on the track.

But the solid fork on the front of this bugger does let you know that it's meant to take a beating. A RockShox Judy SL fork with up to 100 mm (3.94 in) of travel, depending on the size of the bike. This is sure to reduce vibrations as you coast over obstacles. If you pick up just a frame or want to modify your 8 after buying one, it can take forks with up to 120 mm (4.7 in) of travel. As an added benefit, a lockout feature is also present, allowing you to adapt to flatter and harder surfaces, too, perfect for city riding.

It shouldn't surprise you that Shimano is the crew taking care of the drivetrain for this budget. A Deore M6100 cassette with 10-51T should do just fine for the riding you'll engage in. Best of all, it's tuned to the sounds of just 12 speeds. Braking is handled by Shimano, too, with a pair of MT200 brakes and up to 180 mm (7.1 in) rotors for the larger bikes.

As we near the end of this little beauty, let me point out that most of the bike's secondary gear is supplied by in-house Bontrager, But there are a couple more tricks up the 8's sleeves that you should know about. One of the crucial features is that the frame is dropper-post compatible. Adjusting your saddle height on the fly? Not a problem here. With all that, the medium-size bike weighs 28.8 lbs (13.1 kg), suitable for taking up a few flights of stairs.

Like all bikes, the 8's ability and design dictate what it'll be used for. Because Trek built this puppy to be an XC bike, including city terrains, it can also be transformed into a capable cargo-carrying machine. The seat stays feature mounts to easily add cargo racks. With this last ability, you're no longer buying just a bike; you're purchasing a downright workhorse.

What else do I need to say? It's affordable, has decent gear, and can be used in an array of situations. Sounds like the sort of bicycle you could consider for this year's summer season and a few after.

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