Sea-Doo's 2021 Fish Pro Showcases a Different Side of Jet Skiing

Summer is just around the corner in the northern half of the sphere we call Earth, and water sports are about to be in full swing. To help you enjoy the summer on a level you may have never dreamed of, Sea-Doo shows up with a jet ski; after all, it’s what it does best.
2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski 9 photos
2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski
Sure, what you see is a jet ski, but it’s not necessarily one meant to give you hours of endless fun on a local lake. No, this version is the 2021 Fish Pro (FP). As you may have guessed from the name, it’s a jet ski meant to aid you on your next fishing trip and then a bit more.

About Sea-Doo, what is there to say? It’s one of those teams that have been around for ages—since 1968 to be exact. Today, with over 50 years of experience, this team is still going strong and pushing out some of the best watercraft money can buy, and the FP is right there at the top with the rest.

What sets the FP apart from other jet skis is its level of functionality. Aside from being a generally powerful vehicle that can offer you hours of fun and adrenaline, it is clearly built with some purpose.

As it stands, the FP comes in with a length of 146.8 inches (373.4 centimeters), a width of 49.4 inches (125.5 centimeters), and a height of 45.3 inches (115.1 centimeters), meaning it's a decently large craft. The fiberglass hull and all other components add up to a vehicle with a dry weight of 858 pounds (389 kg).

2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski
What I like about the FP's size is it allows for a much greater capacity in terms of weight and storage than your average jet ski. Overall, the FP comes in with a weight limit of 600 lbs (272 kg) and includes a fuel capacity of 18.5 gallons (70 liters).

Then there’s the storage capacity. The front bin holds 25.3 gallons (96 liters), while a LinQ fishing cooler brings another 13.5 gallons (51 liters) of capacity. Then there’s the watertight glovebox with an integrated USB port offering another 0.8 gallons (2.9 liters) of storage space.

As for the power behind this beast of a machine, a Rotax engine with 170 horsepower from a displacement of 1,630 cubic centimeters and a naturally aspirated intake should be more than enough to offer you both fun and functionality. Running on 87 octane fuel, it won’t be putting the biggest hole in your pocket either.

2021 Fish Pro Jet Ski
Aboard the FP, several new features are in place. One important thing is the iDF (Intelligent Debris Free) pump system that allows you to free your pump of weeds or any other debris from the comfort of your handlebars.

For the FP, Garmin also jumps on the game with a Plus 62CV fish finder. Oh, and that’s aside from the usual navigational and charting abilities associated with Garmin. There’s also a trolling mode which helps simplify the whole process without using your throttle. This way, you can put all your attention into whatever you’re trying to pull in.

Cupholders, a front rod holder, a boarding ladder, and even mirrors are some of the small extras you’ll receive when you decide to pay the $15,599 (€12,922 at current exchange rates) starting price for a new FP. Showing you all visual information regarding speed, RPM, and even fuel autonomy is a 7.6-inch-wide (19.3-centimeter-wide) digital display. Several other features like storage and comfort options are available, so bring some extra cash.

As for myself, the FP proves that a machine destined for fun can be so much more than that; it can be a serious tool.

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