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SD118 Stands as a Testament That Style and Luxury Aren't Just for Superyachts
It seems like yacht designs just keep getting bigger and bigger. However, some shipyards out there understand that a smaller vessel does not mean a less capable one.

SD118 Stands as a Testament That Style and Luxury Aren't Just for Superyachts

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One such team is San Lorenzo, an Italian shipbuilding and design team known for putting together some of the most sought-after ships on international waters. Ever since 1958, this team has been offering custom vessels for owners with the right amount of cash, and this time around, it seems they've outdone themselves, again.

Folks, the ship you have before you is dubbed SD118, the freshest vessel unveiled by this crew. Just so we're on the same page regarding what you're looking at, before it was even revealed at the Cannes Yachting Festival, San Lorenza had already shaken hands with various owners for their own custom SD118. Time to see what you, too, could be in for if you've made a killing in the recent market bubble.

Now, SD118 isn't the sort of vessel that will display a large amount of space like other superyachts we're used to seeing. However, the inclusion of four decks yields 5 staterooms for up to ten guests, including the owner's loft. Five crew members will be making sure everyone is nice and comfortable.

To understand how this ship is set up, we can start on the highest deck and work our way down. The uppermost deck, the flying deck, is reserved for one thing and one thing only, nothing. It's here where lucky guests will be able to soak up as much sunlight as possible. Lounges facing every direction possible means you can follow the sun for that perfect tan.

The next deck down, the upper deck, features the wheelhouse at the front and a separate lounge towards the rear. The rest of the deck is reserved for plenty of exterior deck space. At the bow, a forward-facing lounge puts guests in view of any upcoming port, while the rear is reserved for another lounge and the ability to enjoy alfresco dining. A few lateral portions of the superstructure pivot to create a floating platform on this deck, giving guests the feeling their flying over the seas.

However, it's the main deck where guests and owners will be spending most of their time. From the forward-facing owner's suite to the galley, interior lounge, and another dining area, this is where it's at. Aft, another exterior space with tables and lounge bed invite you to grab more sunlight. The bow features its own lounge beds too.

From the main deck, guests can reach the beach club and access the toy and tender garage. This is also the deck where the remaining guests and crew will be housed. My favorite aspect of this deck is the two openings in the hull, perfect for diving and access to toys.

This is also where the propulsion system for this millionaire toy is mounted. Owners will have the choice between two CAT Acert or two MAN engines that can propel the yacht to a top speed of 19 knots (22 mph/35 kph), depending on a few factors such as load and environment.

Overall, SD118 comes in with a length of 35.75 m (117 ft) and features a beam of 7.9 m (26 ft). Because the draft is just 1.96 m (6.4 ft), the ship should have no issue getting in and out of hidden coves and ports.

So far, that's all we know; even pricing for this SD118 hasn't been revealed. But with some of the smaller and less able ships from this crew starting at around 19 million EUR (21.2 million USD at current exchange rates), you can expect this wonder to be a bit more. I thought you might like to see how some folks do this thing we call life.


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