Scumbag ATV Rider Causes Big Crash, Flees the Site

ATV rider causing a big nasty crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
I am sure most of you witnessed or at least heard of crashes like the one in the video below. Whether the "moral author" of the crash is a motorcycle, car or ATV makes little difference, as usually the lack of responsibility has nothing to do with a certain category of vehicles.
The biggest problem in certain countries is that these guys are hard to be punished properly. We know of road regulations that only speak of a crash or responsibility for a crash if at least two vehicles actually made contact.

On the other hand, in many other countries, a situation such as the on in this video is attributed solely to the moral author, in this case, the ATV rider. Such a way of putting things is only natural, as the reckless and illegal move of the ATV driver was the only thing that caused the two cars to collide.

And seeing this fellow refusing to take ANY responsibility and fleeing the crash site is definitely the most frustrating thing. Each time I happen to see such things I can only hope that someone can provide enough information to police to track down and identify the culprit.

A real problem with ATVs all over the world

Unfortunately, in many similar cases, ATV or scooter drivers are on the road illegally, most of them with no clue on what operating a vehicle on public roads means, whatsoever. Some of these guys would even ride while being tipsy, and this only adds to the danger and the illegal character of their actions.

Some of these guys will only use the road briefly to get from one place to another, especially in the countryside, and it's not uncommon to hear them saying that they don't believe a driving license is necessary for this.

I happen to know a few cases that ended up with riders losing thir lives after colliding with agricultural machines that had no right to be all by their own on the road, whatsoever. Still, these drivers, some of them DUI, didn't even seem to acknowledge that what they did was utterly illegal.

It's hard not to feel unnerved and frustrated in such situations, and again, I can only hope they track down the guy and make him pay.

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