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Scuderia Glickenhaus to Set 7,000 Meters Vehicle Record on 6,893 Meters Volcano

In 2007, Chileans Gonzalo Bravo and Eduardo Canales set the world record for highest altitude reached by a four-wheeled vehicle. The two, in their modified Suzuki Samurai, reached an elevation of 6,688 meters (22,000 feet) on the Ojos del Salado volcano in Atacama, Chile.
Glickenhaus Expedition 8 photos
Glickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus ExpeditionGlickenhaus Expedition
More than a decade after that event, another attempt to break that record is in the works. And not with a modified, existing vehicle, but with a brand new, built from scratch machine that is supposed to be “a cross between a Baja Racer and a Paris to Dakar for the Road.

The new machine is being called for now Expedition, and it belongs to Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, better known for their endurance racing vehicles. And their building not one, but two versions of it: the one that will go for the volcano and a variant called Steve, in honor of Steve McQueen.

The company could, if it wanted, sell some 325 of such vehicles per year. Pricing for the Expedition may be around $100,000.

If we are to judge by the talk going on on the manufacturer's Facebook page, the Expedition will be powered up the slopes by a 5.0l V8 (probably Ford-developed). Making the car stable will be 20 inches of suspension travel, while the driver will be seated in a center position.

Cameron Glickenhaus plans to take his vehicle to an altitude of, we quote, “over 7K meters” (22,965 feet) on, we quote again, “The Volcano.

There is only one volcano worthy of having “The” attached to it: Ojos del Salado. Because, you know, it is the highest volcano on the planet. And it “only” stands at 6,893 meters (22,615 feet).

So, how will Mr. Glickenhaus pull this off? Once, he got mad at Ferrari and started his own supercar company. Maybe this time, enraged by the shorter-than-imagined volcano, he will build a higher one. 

EDIT: According to Mr. James Glickenhaus, the engine is not Ford-based, as we originally believed because of its displacement. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus will apparently work on alliance with a different manufacturer, whose name will be revealed soon.


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