Scotty Kilmer Shows a German Car Worth Buying Now, It Cost $2,800

If you think Scotty Kilmer is right about everything he says, then you’ll be glad to find out he’s now recommending a German car that’s extremely cheap. Given that even used vehicles come with a premium nowadays, this $2,800 Kilmer-approved machine might make you think about getting it for yourself.
Scotty Kilmer Checking a V8 6 photos
Scotty Kilmer and THAT German CarScotty Kilmer and THAT German CarScotty Kilmer and THAT German CarScotty Kilmer and THAT German CarScotty Kilmer and THAT German Car
Scotty Kilmer is up to some very dynamic things lately. The mechanic-turned-YouTuber is exploring a lot of content options for his fans. He might have hit the jackpot now, as he recommends his followers to buy a German car that’s just $2,800. Surprisingly, it has a V8 under the hood, it carries the three-pointed star, and it is a convertible!

Kilmer says he’s not a “Mercedes-Benz fanboy,” but invites those curious to look at a “cheap toy” that’s been bought by a close friend of him with 120,000 miles on the odometer. It’s a 20-year-old CLK 430! The car was so cheap because it was abandoned for a while with the top down, which let uninvited guests like mice settle in. That’s also why the car had such a low price.

But this convertible already made a profit for the owner, as he sold it for $3,500 to someone else after just two years of ownership. The current owner added another 25,000 miles on it and didn’t even have to do any repairs. He just changed the tires.

The original owner paid over $57,000 for it when it was new. It sure had a lot of heritage back in the days, as the vehicle includes some reminiscences of the CLK GTR. The pedigree is there, so it’s no wonder that it can provide some joy.

But with it not being a Toyota or a Lexus, you know there is some criticism coming from Kilmer and, of course, a little bit of sarcasm.

Scotty goes around the car and shows it might need some repairs, as the upholstery is damaged after many years of use, the plastic components are cracking, the silver is coming off the side mirrors, the air intake is duct-taped, and the hydraulic system needs a lot of fluid to work properly.

What Kilmer likes and praises here is the V8 engine that works like a charm and which he calls “insanely reliable” and “beautifully made.” He even says it has good gas mileage, but you have to remember the mechanic’s verdict: it’s just a toy, but a fun one!

Now watch the check Scotty Kilmer does with his tools on this German car that he recommends. He finds only two errors!

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