Scotty Kilmer Says Toyota and Honda Don't Make Reliable Cars Anymore, He Explains Why

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Scotty Kilmer is very well known for his aggressive YouTube content strategy. He uploads multiple videos daily and doesn’t refrain from touching on more sensitive subjects. That may be the reason why some people think the auto mechanic isn’t always 100% honest. Some even accused the man of being biased towards certain popular car brands in the U.S. But now he's moving away from telling people to buy Toyotas and Hondas. Here are his reasons.
Between the many videos he publishes on the platform and his busy life as an auto mechanic, Scotty Kilmer also finds the time to answer his critics. The shift in content strategy, however, is visible. Now he argues that Toyota and Honda aren't making reliable cars anymore.

Kilmer argues that innovations commonly found in new cars like advanced cameras, multiple sensors, wireless charging pads, new software, driver assistance systems, and EV technology are to blame for sending well-established auto companies like the Japanese ones at the bottom of the dependability report.

He says Honda was met with many issues when it introduced new technologies like automatic emergency braking. However, the company still managed to recall all the affected vehicles and fix them promptly.

On the other hand, he points at Toyota and underlines that the company is getting ready to face a much smaller profit in 2022. Kilmer thinks this won't happen because parts prices are continuously increasing. He underlines discreetly that there are way too many technologies being forced on consumers either by government regulations or by manufacturers that want to sell more expensive vehicles, which may guarantee better profit margins.

But Scotty Kilmer also says that brands like Volkswagen, Volvo, or Chrysler were faced with a considerable downfall regarding the dependability report.

The mechanic-turned-YouTuber argues cars should’ve followed the same path as aviation companies. They didn’t rush to push out many new technologies and continue to fly around the world with minimum changes. Things improved in the fuel consumption department, but other aspects remain unchanged.

Scotty Kilmer has a knack for saying a lot of things, while the essence of his statements rarely changes. However, this new video is different and marks a change for the auto mechanic. He might have been tired of people’s accusations and decided to bash every manufacturer equally – even the ones he liked and recommended. But at the same time, he’s not wrong. Reliability issues have been present at almost any automaker lately. Ford, for example, had 10 major recalls just last month!

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