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Looking around on Youtube, we stumbled upon a rather interesting video from Scotty Kilmer, a famous auto channel. In case you didn't know, this channel was launched and is being run by a guy who says he's been a mechanic for 45 years.
We respect his experience and his authority in the automotive business. However, the point he was trying to make is not necessarily valid. He complains about the fact that some recent BMWs lack a dipstick that would allow you to manually check the oil levels of your engine.

While he does have a point (everyone feels better when they can see something for themselves) we disagree with his hypothesis that BMW's engineers have gone mad. The matter of fact is that Scotty is now keeping up with the times.

Nowadays, everything is digital and we have to face it. If the BMW service representative would've been better acquainted with the cars he was supposed to look after, he would've known that in order to check the oil on such vehicles you use the on-board computer.

This way you don't get your hands dirty and the reading is extremely accurate. Let's face it, nobody checks the engine oil in the morning to see whether it's still there or if it needs to be topped up. Those days are gone and there are several reasons for this new procedure.

The first one is that engine have become more and more reliable. If in the 1980s and even 1990s people used to top up their engine oil and check it regularly, nowadays most engines don't burn it down as they used to. Actually, excepting the regular maintenance intervals and the occasional problems, nobody even pops the hood anymore. That's how much technology advanced.
Furthermore, most drivers wouldn't even know how to check the oil level, even if they wanted to. Most of the contemporary owners don't have a clue about the way their car works. They just get in and drive and even this step is in peril since we'll be seeing self-driving cars in the future years.

So, yeah, for an old-school driver like Scotty and some other people, losing the dipstick on a car is something of a catastrophe, but for the rest of the world, it was hardly noticed.

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