Scotty Kilmer Claims His Car YouTube Channel Is America's #1, Is Technically Right

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The well-known auto mechanic celebrates two billion views on his YouTube channel and made a special video to thank everyone for this journey. But that’s not all. He wants people to know some interesting statistics. Here’s what Scotty Kilmer had to say.
With a thirst for reliable cars and a desire to share his knowledge about fixing vehicles, Scotty Kilmer began his YouTube side hustle in 2007 – a little over 15 years ago! He didn’t change much about his content and maintained almost the same uploading strategy as time went by. The only thing modified was the length of his videos. Most of them are over ten minutes long because YouTube’s algorithm favors creators who offer longer viewing times. Admittedly, now he also follows a stricter uploading schedule.

Over two billion views and over 5.2 million subscribers! Now that’s a proper milestone. Unfortunately, in the era of free online entertainment and global connectivity, such big numbers don’t mean as much as they used to. Just to put things into perspective, the American auto mechanic got to this stage after uploading 4,187 video clips. Adding all of them together wouldn’t even put Kilmer’s channel in the top ten most-viewed YouTube videos of all time. The tenth place is occupied by Psy and his Gangnam Style song, which at the time of writing has over 4.5 billion views. YouTube’s most watched video – the Baby Shark song by Pinkfong – currently has over 11.1 billion views.

The mechanic-turned-YouTuber thanked “everyone for the years of support” and made two interesting claims – his car channel is the one that’s most watched in the U.S. and the third worldwide. On the global stage, he has only been surpassed by Carwow and Top Gear. Kilmer also points out that these two competitors are companies, while he’s recording all the videos by himself.

He’s not wrong. Back in 2020, a Social Blade statistic showed that Scotty Kilmer was the third most watched car YouTube channel worldwide. Two years ago, Carwow was still first, while Doug DeMuro was second.

Now, in 2022, things look a little different. Top Gear and their 1,619 uploads reached over 3.6 billion views, while Carwow and their 1,919 videos come in second with 2.7 billion views. If we ignore Kia India (2.6 billion views), Hyundai India (2 billion views), and some vloggers that seldomly talk about vehicles, then Scotty Kilmer truly is the third most-watched car YouTube channel globally.

One important domestic competitor for Scotty Kilmer is ChrisFix, but he has only accrued 1.4 billion views after uploading 374 videos.

While there’s no certain way to see who’s exactly the most popular car YouTube channel in the U.S. alone without digging through data that are not made publicly available, we can argue Kilmer is the one with the most views in America solely based on the fact that he’s reached a record amount of global, all-time views. Also, Top Gear and Carwow enjoy a broad British and European audience since they're based in the UK.

Finally, estimating how much Scotty Kilmer earned in these 15 years of online activity is pretty much just a wild guess. Given that YouTube pays its creators in a personalized way, the money he got for each of the one million views could vary by a lot – it could be anywhere from $3,000 to $40,000. However, Social Blade estimates a maximum of around $1.7 million in yearly earnings.

Now watch the auto mechanic explain his performance and why he’s still doing this.

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Editor's note: All the viewing numbers were correct at the time of writing.

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