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Scotty Kilmer Believes Rivian Might Fail and Says Stellantis' Executives Are "Clowns"

Rivian and Stellantis are the newest targets of popular U.S. auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. The man is sharing his thoughts about them without any filter. Here’s why he’s warning his fans and followers to avoid investing in both companies, even though Rivian is an up-and-coming startup that has a promising future and Stellantis comprises famous brands like Chrysler, Jeep, or Maserati.
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Scotty Kilmer is well-known for his unexpectedly transparent approach when it comes to cars, auto companies, and technology used in vehicles. He’s a mechanic with a lot of experience and has taken everything he knows to YouTube where he shares a lot of content.

But besides showing fans what cars to buy or avoid and what mechanical issues may arise, he’s also following what’s happening on the business side of things. That’s the main reason why he chose to address the Rivian and Stellantis situations, even though the two auto companies couldn’t be more different from each other.

Kilmer argues Rivian is just an overvalued startup that’s trying to do whatever it can to get more money from investors. He argues the falling price of the stock is a direct consequence of not knowing how to deal and properly communicate with suppliers. The mechanic says that Amazon invested a lot in Rivian and expected deliveries of zero-emission vans to happen according to a schedule, but the company formerly led by Jeff Bezos must now wait for a lawsuit to finish. That, in his opinion, is not how business partners should treat each other.

“Amazon ordered supposedly 100,000 vans and put over $1 billion in the company. Maybe they’re going to regret that one. But they got so much money, what does it really matter?” said Kilmer before telling his followers that Rivian is a startup, they don’t have any experience, and that’s also why they’re buying everything they need from others.

Kilmer compares the current belief that we’ll all drive EVs in the near future with the California Gold Rush. Some will win the race, while others will lose badly. “These electric car companies… Yeah! Be leery!” said the mechanic-turned-YouTuber.

He also criticizes Stellantis for claiming to make a lot of money and being profitable while also letting go of executives. Kilmer thinks this is a method of tricking investors into thinking the company’s very profitable. The eventual outcome would be a rise in stock price that’s not honestly justified. Kilmer thinks this is not a viable process for a company to remain afloat and have enough cash to improve and diversify its portfolio. Keep in mind that Stellantis has 16 auto brands under management after FCA and PSA merged. It is the world’s fourth-largest carmaker.

Scotty Kilmer also thinks the company’s executives are “clowns” because they believed suppliers will accept lower prices paid for parts of similar quality. Instead, what they got was partners refusing to sell them anything at all. That’s why, according to the mechanic, the company’s head of purchasing and supply chain officer Michelle Wen left Stellantis “to pursue personal projects.” He believes she was fired for trying this lower pricing strategy with suppliers, which brought the car company a lot of production headaches.

Scotty Kilmer also thinks that you “can’t fool everybody forever” and that’s another reason why the mechanic believes Rivian and Stellantis are both in troubled waters.

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