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Scott Addict eRide Is a Two-wheeled Demon Unleashed
I literally have no other words for this event, this idea, this, this e-bike. Why? Because it’s from friggin' Scott Sports!

Scott Addict eRide Is a Two-wheeled Demon Unleashed

Scott Addict eRideScott Addict eRideScott Addict eRideScott Addict eRideScott Addict eRideScott Addict eRideScott Addict eRide
Scott has been specializing in sports gear, bikes, goggles, clothing, mountain equipment, you name it, Scott probably does it. Except for diapers, I don’t think they do diapers. Although upon seeing this masterpiece, maybe diapers wouldn't have been such a bad idea.

Stay with me here, this isn’t about diaper duty, it’s about the all new Scott Addict eRide. What’s an eRide? I’m so glad I asked. It's just the freshest e-bike to hit the market. So fresh I'm not even sure you can buy one yet.

You guys ready to find out why the fuss? Alright. Just to start things off, the entire bike comes in at just 23.6 lbs (10.75 kg). That’s less than what my usual bag of groceries weighs. Even less than the Platzhirsch medium-sized model. Sure, it may not beat e-bike, the Freicycle, in terms of weight, but it will out distance even the newest Specialized Vado EQ.

Yes, the bike does come in at the above-mentioned pounds, but just the frame itself comes in at just 2.29 lbs (1.04 kg). That’s less the weight of a newborn baby. Composed using a technique called advanced carbon layering, and designed in close collaboration with bike engineers, this frame offers all the necessary resistance and strength only where truly needed.

Two style of handlebars exist for the model, but no matter which you choose, they will all come standard with internal wiring and computer integration. This computer allows you to do a number of things. You can monitor power levels and distance traveled at the touch of a button, but also select one of three riding modes the software offers.

However, like most e-bikes, all they should offer is a peddle assist for the tougher bits. They are still bikes, and meant to keep us healthy, not lazy. Apparently, Scott took a lot of pride in making sure that this e-bike offers you a harder, longer, and more performant ride, all the while maintaining e-bike functionality. If that doesn’t sound like something that’s for you, then you probably aren't that much into biking. Might be a good time to get in on the fun though.

With a pedal assist good up to 15.5 mph (25 kph), the eRide is able to offer 74.5 miles (120 km) of range with a little bit extra in case you need it. But if you do want some more, she can be fit with a range booster in the shape of a water bottle. I think that the support could even hold an actual water bottle if you were to not use the booster that day. The booster is said to double this e-bike's range, but we’re still waiting for the stats on that one.

The main power source is in the shape of a battery cell hidden in the down-tube. Basically, the entire tube is just one big battery. All this powers the Mahle pedal-assist at the rear that holds 250 W at 36V and 40 Nm. Any info on other components hasn’t been mentioned yet, but we can clearly see that she’s ready for all your work-out and biking needs.

I, for one, have no doubts as to Scott’s expertise when putting together a game changer like this. Heck, we could possibly even see entire events based around e-bikes or other mobility EVs.


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