Scooter Rider in Real-Life GTA Action Evades Police Even After Crashing Once

Here's another GTA-inspired story that will end very badly, but this time things have passed to the next level. Remember our recent coverstory on how to use technology for putting an early end to motorcycle pursuits? Well, this case would have been a great occasion to use EMP guns to stop the fugitive.
Real-life GTA action 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Anyway, as we mentioned, this time we're dealing with a scooter rider, instead of a guy fleeing the cops aboard a high-power superbike. The reasons for his actions are yet unknown, so we can't tell why is he running away from the police. Whether he did something illegal or simply got scared and decided to run... we'll find out as he is presented to the court, a thing which will not take too long.

Getting caught after bragging on illegal stuff never gets old

Frankly, this never gets old: seeing guys who have done something illegal then posting evidence online, leading the cops to them. We'd say this is plain old common sense, and trying to hide evidence is the next thing one would do after evading the cops.

But, guess what? Some of these chaps would brag on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, post videos of them breaking the law and technically help the cops get to them. Little do they seem to know that bragging on social media websites is like shooting a flare telling everyone where they can't find you. And since you ran away from the cops, we sort of think that you didn't actually want them to get you, did you?

Well, enjoy this funny video and appreciate how determined this fellow is, even after a wipeout. As for our two cents, if any of the cops would have kicked the side stand and jumped from their rides to pin the scooter rider down as he fell to the ground, this whole things would've been over on spot.

But it they did so, we'd have been deprived of such GTA action, right?

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