Scooter Domino Flip

Scooter Domino Flip 1 photo
Photo: YouTube
Sometimes all it takes is some ground unevenness for things to go wrong, even with (almost) all precautions taken and no ill intent.
You all know the movie cliche with an angry dude kicking one motorcycle in front of a biker cafe and causing a chain reaction. Or the likes of Mr. Bean clumsily tipping one bike and then crashing the whole lot.

Guess what: such things are really happening in real life and there's no telling how long such a chain can be. The only way to stop it is either holding one of the bikes firmly (if present) or hoping that someone left more room between their and the rest of the bikes.

Or in this special case, having a heavier, more stable motorcycle among the scooters. It looks like the damage was in fact less extensive than we might have anticipated. And the domino starter also knew the shop owner, so things ended in a less dramatic way.

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