Scion Reveals xD Rally Car

Toyota's youth-oriented sub-brand, Scion, has just revealed a rally version of their xD crossover (sold as Toyota Urban Cruiser around the world), which is set to compete in the Rally America National Championship. The car is set to make it debut today, at the Sno*Drift Rally, where it will be drifted in the snow, as the venue's name suggests.
2013 Scion xD Rally Version 1 photo
To prepare it for the gruelling conditions of rallying, they have fitted the car with taller suspension, in order to increase the ride height, a new front bumper with way too many LEDs, and some beef brakes from Brembo.

Inside, the car is stripped to the bare minimum, and gets the mandatory roll cage, digital instrument cluster and Sparco seats, complete with five-point racing harnesses. The manufacturer has not specified what sort of engine will power the xD, but it is expected to be considerably more powerful than any of the street versions of the car.

Scion's marketing and special events manager, Steve Hatanaka, said: “Scion Racing is ready and thrilled to be a part of the 2013 Rally America National Championship. The combination of the xD subcompact, a top-notch team race team and one of rally’s best drivers, Andrew Comrie-Picard, is sure to create a competitive and exciting series.


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