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Sci-Fi Vehicle Rendering Looks Like a NASA-Branded Remote-Controlled Car
In the very near future, humans will be leaving more than just flags and dusty footprints on the surface of moons and planets, they’ll be living on these worlds.

Sci-Fi Vehicle Rendering Looks Like a NASA-Branded Remote-Controlled Car

Sci-fi Vehicle RoverSci-fi Vehicle RoverSci-fi Vehicle RoverSci-fi Vehicle RoverSci-fi Vehicle Rover
For humans to safely survey planets and moons before landing on unknown territory, they’ll need to rely on rovers, drones, and other vehicles and trinkets to gather adequate data about the requirements to sustain life.

That’s what you see here; a vehicle meant to explore off-world terrains. I'll be honest; I have no idea what this vehicle is used for as the designer makes no mention of anything. Nothing about function, nothing about the drivetrain, or even how it's controlled. Why? For the time being, the vehicle you see is only a rendering, a design springing from the mind of Aleks Polygon of Minsk, Belarus.

However, not all is lost. A few elements and features in the design give a pretty good indication of what the Sci-fi Vehicle, as it is dubbed, is meant for. For the sake of the argument, let’s call this a rover.

One clear indication that this vehicle is designed to explore extraterrestrial planets is the NASA logo seen at the rear of the rover. Another trait that supports off-world function is the suspension and wheels. To make things easier to understand, I'll start with the wheels.

There’s nothing terrestrial about the wheel design. Aside from looking downright silly, once you think about how they could be applied to uneven and unexplored terrains, they seem like a good idea, but I'm no rover engineer. These tires could be effective on unknown terrains because they include a rather large surface area. Moreover, that surface is also curved to grip onto uneven objects and surfaces.

The suspension is the next system that requires some attention. A rather simple and rudimentary joint system allows each wheel to move independently from the other wheels. That also seems to be one of the reasons for the funky wheel design I mentioned earlier. It seems the creator knew that raising or lowering a wheel would alter its ability to grip a surface, so the result is the curved tire.

As for a propulsion system, a few could be in place. Judging by the size of those wheels, it’s possible that they include motors in each wheel. If this is true, this sort of design should allow even more control as the vehicle rides over obstacles.

Another way the vehicle could be propelled is via the jet-like exhaust you see at the rear. There’s really no reason to doubt that this part of the rover is used to move it along. After all, I don’t see any other use for a jet engine.

As to the sort of functions this vehicle could perform, again, nothing is mentioned. It could just be used to survey terrain and roam somewhat aimlessly without end, or it could even be used to transport cargo—that’s if it’s not some tiny remote-controlled car.

I feel this vehicle is just a drone meant to tell you what’s around the corner. Since there’s no info on what this vehicle is meant for, leave a comment with what you think its use could be. Heck, I'd make a remote-control car out of the design; it would look hella cool.


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