Schwedenkreuz Terror: Onboard Video Shows Audi A3 Nurburgring Near Crash

Audi A3 Nurburgring near crash 7 photos
Rental Audi A3 Nurburgring near crashRental Audi A3 Nurburgring near crashRental Audi A3 Nurburgring near crashRental Audi A3 Nurburgring near crashRental Audi A3 Nurburgring near crashRental Audi A3 Nurburgring near crash
If you've ever watched a Nurburgring crash compilation, you've certainly come across the terror that is a Schwedenkreuz accident. We're talking about the bend that might just be the German track's most dangerous one, so it's no surprise that novices get caught off guard when talking it.

And with Schwedenkreuz following a hefty straight, the high-speed trouble it can cause is extremely difficult to sort once the rear end of a vehicle steps out.

Unlike the majority of Ring adventures we've shown you to date, the Schwedenkreuz stunt we're bringing you today, which is a near crash, includes onboard footage.

As such, you can clearly see the driving error that led to the tense moment shown here.

We're dealing with a vehicle that should be as safe as possible and that's because the rental Audi A3 here is a front-wheel-drive car with moderate power.

Nevertheless, it seems that the guy behind the wheel decided to deactivate the ESP, thus allowing enemyies such as lift-off oversteer to take over.

We can see the driver stepping on the brakes after he enters the corner. Even without such a mistake, suddenly taking your foot off the gas can be enough to transfer the weight of the car onto the front axle and allow the rear to go loose.

While the man does try to countersteer and use the throttle to bring the posterior of the A3 Sedan back in line, he fails to achieve his goal.

Following an offroading stint that caused serious visibility issues, thus increasing other drivers' risk of crashing, the Audi came to a halt, with pure luck saving the day.

Fortunately, it seems that nobody was hurt in this unfortunate event (notice that somebody was riding shotgun in the A3). Here's to hoping that the adventure will serve as a lesson for others willing to engage in track activities.

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