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Scandinavia’s Largest Port Is Building a Four MW Hydrogen Production Facility

The famous Swedish Port of Gothenburg will soon become an important clean energy hub, thanks to a new hydrogen production facility that will be built here. Based on renewable energy sources for hydrogen production and with the ability to increase its capacity over time, this new facility has the potential of becoming a key infrastructure asset for sustainable transport.
The new hydrogen production facility will be located in Gothenburg, considered Scandinavia's largest port. 7 photos
Port of GothenburgPort of GothenburgPort of GothenburgPort of GothenburgPort of GothenburgPort of Gothenburg
As Scandinavia’s largest port, Gothenburg is a place where varied means of transport intersect, and where heavy-freight equipment is used regularly, which makes it a valuable location for clean energy production. Arvid Guthed, Vice President of the Gothenburg Port Authority, said that there is an increased demand for equipment powered by hydrogen.

Together with Statkraft, a Norwegian renewable energy supplier, the Port of Gothenburg will build a hydrogen production facility with a 4 MW capacity. Initially, the facility will make more than two tons of hydrogens per day, with the option of increasing its capacity, depending on the demand. According to the port’s representatives, this will lead to a carbon emission cut by more than four tons per day.

Another important aspect is that the hydrogen that will be produced at Gothenburg is green, meaning that fossil-free sources, such as hydropower and wind power, will be used to obtain it. The green hydrogen will then be stored and used for heavy transport equipment.

The project results from a $7 million (SEK 60 million) investment and is set to begin production by the middle of 2023. For now, the two partners are conducting a preliminary study focusing on safety requirements, which will be completed at the beginning of next year.

This hydrogen production facility is part of Gothenburg’s and Sweden’s efforts to reduce emissions from transport by 70% until the end of the decade. Gothenburg plans to drastically cut emissions not just for port operations but also throughout the entire region. Considering that it’s Scandinavia’s largest port, this would be an important achievement.

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