Say Goodbye to Google Maps as Garmin Launches New GPS Units With Large Displays

While state-of-the-art navigation has become a must-have these days, not everybody is a big fan of Google Maps, so stand-alone GPS units like those from Garmin still have a very successful niche of their own.
Garmin DriveSmart GPS navigators 6 photos
Garmin DriveSmart GPS navigatorsGarmin DriveSmart GPS navigatorsGarmin DriveSmart GPS navigatorsGarmin DriveSmart GPS navigatorsGarmin DriveSmart GPS navigators
As a result, Garmin has absolutely no reason to stop investing in GPS navigators despite more people turning to apps installed on their mobile devices, so today, the company announced a new lineup of such products specifically supposed to help drivers easily reach a certain address.

The Garmin DriveSmart 66, 76, and 86 come with 6, 7, and 8-inch high-definition displays that can be used in either portrait or landscape modes, depending on how you want to see the road ahead.

With detailed maps provided by HERE for each market out there, the DriveSmart lineup also includes new-generation features like driver alerts, hands-free calling, and a built-in Garmin voice assistant to easily interact with your GPS navigation and simply ask it for directions and everything else.

Alexa support is also available for music playback, while the built-in Wi-Fi allows for convenient map and software updates without having to connect the device to a PC.

Garmin says it has focused specifically on features supposed to make the driving safer overall, so for example, the new navigators can offer warnings for upcoming speed changes, sharp curves, and other hazards. In other words, it’s getting a taste of Waze, though it goes without saying all these warnings come pre-loaded with the device and aren’t updated in real-time as it’s the case with the Google app.

However, Garmin’s Drive app allows the GPS navigator to receive all kinds of useful live information, including real-time traffic, weather, and fuel prices as long as the unit is synced with a mobile phone.

Garmin is selling its new navigators at really fair prices, with the cheapest model available for just $249.99. The Garmin DriveSmart 86, which comes with the largest screen in the series, can be yours for $349.99 in the United States.


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