Saweetie Asks Followers How to Work Her Cullinan’s Windshield Wipers

Alas, celebrities; they’re just like us. Getting a new car might take some adjusting, especially when the seasons change and you need to use features you've never touched before. Saweetie just posted a picture of her Cullinan, asking for advice on how to work her windshield wipers.
Saweetie's Rolls-Royce Cullinan's Windshield Wipers 9 photos
Saweetie's Rolls Royce Cullinan InteriorSaweetie's Rolls Royce Cullinan InteriorSaweetie's Rolls Royce Cullinan InteriorSaweetie's Rolls Royce CullinanSaweetie's Rolls Royce CullinanSaweetie's Rolls Royce Cullinan InteriorSaweetie Matches Nails to Rolls-Royce Cullinan InteriorSaweetie's Rolls Royce Cullinan
I guess we just found out what Saweetie and Quavo had in common. The two rappers who used to date seem just as similarly clueless about their cars. Just yesterday, Quavo drove around in a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, boasting about his cash with his door open mid-drive.

Now Saweetie shows that she doesn’t know some stuff about her car, either. Well, I'm pretty certain Quavo is aware of the fact that you have to close your door when driving, but Saweetie really doesn’t know how to work her windshield wipers, so where else to ask if not on social media?

But it’s not really her fault, because it usually doesn’t rain much in Los Angeles, where she lives. It looks like the recent rain took a lot of people by surprise, and it includes Saweetie.

She purchased her Rolls-Royce Cullinan this summer as a present for her 28th birthday, and shared it on social media, matching the orange interior of her car wearing a same-colored bikini. Back then, she said that she likes “really expensive things,” which applies to the Cullinan, as the luxury car comes with a starting price of $300,000.

Saweetie also used the exclusive SUV for other photoshoots, but she doesn’t just use it as a prop, but she actually drives it around. So, when rain hit, she hopped on social media, with a picture of the interior of her Cullinan, and her raindrops-covered windshield, also shown in the gallery. She asked her followers: “How tf do these windshield wipers work?

We can only hope she got the answer by now and managed to drive safely through the rain.


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