Santa Switches His Sleigh for a Rollback Truck for This Particular Delivery

Special Christmas delivery 7 photos
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Special Christmas deliverySpecial Christmas deliverySpecial Christmas deliverySpecial Christmas deliverySpecial Christmas deliverySpecial Christmas delivery
Even as grown-ups, we still have plenty of unanswered questions regarding Christmas, but whether it was created in the Northern or Southern hemisphere isn't one of them.
All these images of snowy fields and houses covered in white cotton must feel completely out of place for people living in Brazil, South Africa or Australia. Not only do they never get snow (except in the mountains, sometimes), but Christmas also falls into the summer, so there's absolutely no chance.

Just look at the people in this clip. They seem ready to go to the beach or something. For somebody who currently has the heater on because the air on the other side of the window is minus a few degrees Celsius, these images are hard to comprehend.

Still, they somehow manage to celebrate Christmas just like the rest of us, with the notable difference that they can go surfing after lunch, while we, at best, can go out for a snowball fight. Which one is better, you decide.

At the end of the day, though, it probably doesn't matter, because Christmas is all about presents. Yes, we know it is a religious celebration marking the birth of Christ, but, let's not fool ourselves, most people have forgotten all about that.

And then there are the kids. For a four-year-old, Christmas morning is by far the best day of the year. Those few seconds from the moment they wake up until they rush to the Christmas tree are the most exhilarating moments of their lives.

Well, this kid's journey did not stop under the tree. His parents took him outsite where he just managed to catch Santa as he was offloading his most important present: an electric toy car in the shape of a Ford SUV. Given this was Australia, it made perfect sense for Sant to use a rollback truck instead of a sleigh, so the kid had no problem with the sight.

In fact, he didn't really have eyes for anything but the tiny vehicle. As the unloading procedure was complete, he set himself in the driver's seat, switched it on and proceeded to take the Ford on his parents' driveway. What you are watching here is the making of a future petrolhead.

The boy is probably going to have his hands full until the battery goes off, so it's time to bring this whole operation to an end. The girls give Santa a hug to send him off, even though he probably would have preferred a glass of lemonade. I swear, they should come up with different Santa suits over in the Southern hemisphere.

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