Santa's Ferrari Testarossa Spotted, Probably Broke Down

Santa's Ferrari Testarossa Spotted, Probably Broke Down 4 photos
Photo: Brad Builds
Santa's Ferrari Testarossa Spotted, Probably Broke DownSanta's Ferrari Testarossa Spotted, Probably Broke DownSanta's Ferrari Testarossa Spotted, Probably Broke Down
Some of you are saying that you're tired of widebody renderings, but what we think that means is we need to find something even more pointless. So, here's a Ferrari Testarossa built for Santa.
Few people know this, but the jolly guy is an avid car collector now. After losing the kids in a bad divorce, Santa became a heavy eggnog drinker. In rehab, they told him that a hobby would take the edge off. Since most 9YO kids asked him for a Ferrari, the toy master bought a couple to see what all the fuss was about.

He tried a modern V12 and it worked fine, but it got boring after a few years. A unique build crept into his head, one which combined classic Ferrari design with the ability to deliver presents all over the world. Obviously, it's not as spacious or practical as the sleigh, but replacing reindeer games with actual horsepower seemed like a good idea.

Unfortunately, with it being an old Ferrari, the Testarossa malfunctions all the time. So if you woke up to a big fat nothing under the tree this year, it could be to blame. Buying this classic supercar has been compared to automotive masochism, but at least Santa feels better about his masculinity. There's only so much giving a guy can do.

We're kidding, of course. The image at hand is just a complex 3D model by Bradbuilds. As crazy as it might appear, the rendering is grounded in our strange reality. Dodge built something that looks just like this to promote its winter deals, did a bunch of commercials and even showcased it at SEMA this year. In fact, the skis on the Testarossa look about the same as those Dodge built.

Something feels like it's missing here, though. It's a car of the 80s, crazy in every way. If one was turned into anything today, it would at least need gold accents and a crocodile leather interior.

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