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Sanlorenzo Blends Luxury With Advanced Green Technology for Its New Flagship Superyacht

As it usually happens, some businesses thrive during challenging times, while others are barely surviving. Confirming once again that superyachts aren’t anywhere close to going out of style, the Sanlorenzo luxury shipyard is crowning a successful year in terms of sales with a trailblazing vessel meant to become its flagship model.
The 72Steel will be the largest model built by Sanlorenzo, and its flagship model 16 photos
Only a few years ago, luxury superyachts seemed incompatible with the concept of sustainability. But the green wave has reached even the most famous shipyards, which are now starting to focus more and more on alternative propulsion systems with a lower environmental footprint. Luxury and green technologies can coexist, after all.

Sanlorenzo is ready to demonstrate this by launching what it calls an “unprecedented” model that will be not only its biggest ship yet but also one that will be equipped with the latest green technology, making it one of the largest hybrid yachts on the high-end market. This new model will be based on a platform that can go from 68 meters (223 feet) to 72 meters (236 feet), the largest one in the company’s steel hull range.

The first sales contract for the 72-meter version of this innovative yacht has been recently signed, marking a significant milestone both for the shipyard and for the maritime industry because it signals an increased interest for environmentally friendly vessels without making any compromises when it comes to luxury.

The new 72Steel will be powered by a diesel-electric engine system, which not only helps cut CO2 emissions but is also beneficial for the yacht’s design. According to Antonio Santella, New Product Development Director at Sanlorenzo, hybrid systems free up more space for living areas, making such superyachts even more spacious than before. This particular hybrid system is presented as the best available on the market, comprising several innovations.

Studio Zuccon International Project will be in charge of the flagship model’s design, unfolding over five decks, with a total volume of 1,850 GT. Although not many details have been disclosed so far, it seems that the 72Steel will feature a generous, state-of-the-art wellness area, an elegant owner’s deck, and five large cabins on the main deck.

The interior design will be customized according to the yacht’s lucky owner, who will be receiving his hybrid luxury toy at the beginning of 2025

 Download attachment: Sanlorezo Introduces the 72Steel (PDF)


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