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Samsung Is Working on a Car Charger That Every Wireless Android Auto User Will Want

Almost everybody has a charger in their car, no matter if they use Android Auto, CarPlay, or any other app on their mobile devices while driving.
Samsung's upcoming phone charger 6 photos
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But getting a quick charge behind the wheel is something extremely convenient, especially because, at least theoretically, you shouldn’t interact with the mobile device at all.

When it comes to this convenience factor, Samsung is about to push it to a new level. The company is reportedly working on a new car charger that will launch next month and which will offer insane speeds.

While several other companies have already launched fast car chargers, there’s no doubt Samsung’s new model will be a very compelling product for those people running Android Auto wirelessly on their Galaxy S devices.

In case you’re wondering why we specifically mentioned Android Auto wireless, it’s because you wouldn’t otherwise be able to run Google’s app and charge your phone with this adapter. The wired version of Android Auto requires a direct connection to the car’s USB port.

Getting back to the new Samsung car charger, it’ll come with model number EP-L4020, and it will launch alongside the highly anticipated Galaxy S22 in early February. The device will come with two different ports.

The first will be a USB-C connector that will allow for a maximum charging speed of 25W, while the second will be a regular Type-A rated at 15W. As said, chargers matching (and even exceeding) these speeds are already available from various manufacturers, but it’s pretty clear Samsung wants Galaxy S buyers to stick with its own hardware in the car.

No information has been shared on the price so far, but don’t expect this charger to come cheap. However, all details will be revealed by Samsung itself in the first days of February, with the actual sales projected to begin later the same month.

Editor's note: The gallery also includes photos of other phone chargers.


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