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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Becomes the Heart and Soul of This Chevy Pickup

There are many ways you can upgrade the infotainment system inside your car, and most often, people just turn to aftermarket head units that come with Android Auto and CarPlay support.
Samsung Galaxy Tab in S-10 pickup truck 6 photos
Chevy S-10 custom dash modChevy S-10 custom dash modChevy S-10 custom dash modChevy S-10 custom dash modChevy S-10 custom dash mod
And this makes total sense, not only because there are so many third-party head units out there that can match virtually any car model but also because everybody has a mobile phone these days.

And statistics show that nearly 80 percent of smartphone owners use an Android device, in which case Android Auto is obviously the preferred choice when getting an infotainment system upgrade.

Android Auto, however, comes with its very own limitations, as only apps that have been optimized for the car screen can be launched. And needless to say, this isn’t by any means the genuine Android experience that some are expecting, and therefore Android Auto isn’t their preferred cup of tea.

The Chevrolet S-10 pickup owner in this video is one of those people who just didn’t want to settle with Android Auto, so instead of upgrading the head unit in the truck, he just built a custom dash to fit a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

What this means is that instead of Android Auto, what he’s getting is the full Android experience with pretty much every app they want and not just the software that is optimized for the car.

Building the custom dash wasn’t necessarily an easy job and does require some skills, especially if the purpose is to create a tablet mod that can neatly fit the console in the 2002 S-10 Xtreme.

As you can see for yourselves in the video below, the tablet can slide out of the custom dash for easy removal, so technically, the device can be taken home for things like updates that require a faster Internet connection.

The good news is that such a custom dash can be customized for any tablet out there, as long as its dimensions can fit the console of the Chevy truck.


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