Saleen Sportruck XR Is Not Your Average Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

What happens when Saleen takes a perfectly normal Ford F-150 for a comprehensive tuning job? The Sportruck XR happens, and with the help of Foutz Motorsports LLC, the newcomer has all the off-road capability to take on the Raptor. And then some…
Saleen Sportruck XR 6 photos
Saleen Sportruck XRSaleen Sportruck XRSaleen Sportruck XRSaleen Sportruck XRSaleen Sportruck XR
As a member of the Performance Line of models, the Saleen Sportruck XR takes inspiration from the world of off-road and the SCCA Pro Truck Series. In addition to the naturally aspirated version of the 5.0-liter Coyote, the V8 engine can be supercharged past 700 horsepower, complete with high-performance filters and a less restrictive exhaust system.

“Furthering our Saleen Automotive’s commitment to continued growth in the performance car and truck markets, we are proud to debut our Saleen Sportruck XR,”
declared Amy Boylan, president of Saleen Automotive. In addition to the straight-line performance, the chassis also benefits from 2.5-inch coil-over shock absorbers.

Level up to the Black Label, and you’re looking at upper and lower control arms from Racecraft, better leaf springs at the rear, and bump stop with frame gusset. With 12- and 14-inches of travel at the front and rear, the Sportruck XR is perfect for just about every terrain.

Stopping power comes in the form of 13.8-inch rotors at the front and rear, with two pistons up front and one piston for the rear. Saleen is much obliged to paint the calipers in whichever color the customer fancies, but better still, the 13.6- and 14-inch braking system with slotted front rotors and six-piston calipers can make the difference if performance matters more to you than design.

In regard to visual enhancements, the aggressive-looking bumpers complement the body-color wheel flares nicely. Riding on 17-inch wheels shod with General Tire Grabber X3 33-inch rubber, the Sportruck XR also comes with a Saleen grille, sidesteps, tailgate panel, and power hood.

Last, but certainly not least, the interior differs from the F-150 and Raptor through the embroidered headrests, white face gauges, specific badging, and embroidered floor mats. A dash plaque with the name of the model and vehicle identification number completes the aftermarket treatment.


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