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Safety and Style Are a Perfect Match in the New 2022 Ventana Motorhome

As a lot of folks are getting ready for upcoming winter road trips, companies in the RV industry are showing off the new 2022 models. Newmar is a well-known name in this industry, with an extensive line of motorhomes, ranging from basic models to ultra-luxury ones. There’s something for everybody, and the 2022 Ventana seems to suit most travelers’ needs and desires.
The 2022 Ventana blends an elegant interior with driver assistance technology 10 photos
2022 Ventana2022 Ventana2022 Ventana2022 Ventana2022 Ventana2022 Ventana2022 Ventana2022 Ventana2022 Ventana
It’s almost impossible to not get it right with this diesel motor coach because it comes not only with 11 floorplans available but also the possibility of choosing between a Freightliner or a Spartan chassis. There are also several options for the brand’s full-paint Masterpiece Finish, an exterior graphics treatment that will make this motorhome stand out anywhere you travel. The interior design is also customizable, with a choice between three color palettes and four cabinetry stains.

A new standard feature on the 2022 Ventana is Comfort Drive, an intelligent steering system designed to make twists and turns easier to navigate by adapting to the driver’s input while also eliminating friction. Some of the Ventana options also include the Passive Steer technology, for better handling, by engaging the front and the far-rear wheels. All of this adds up to a much more pleasant driving experience and safer road trips.

The 2022 Ventana looks like a luxury motorhome without the steep price. The manufacturer brags about this model’s kitchen being “fabulously well-appointed,” with a brushed aluminum refrigerator, convection stainless steel microwave, and three burner gas cooktop as standard features. Additionally, a generous pantry allows you to enjoy extended trips without worrying about supply storage. For those who want to take it to the next level, kitchen options include several refrigerators, a flush-mount induction cooktop, and a dishwasher.

Entertainment options for this new motorhome are not too shabby, either – Samsung LED TVs of various sizes, throughout the living areas, a Bose sound system, and a Dash radio with Bluetooth microphone are just some of the standard features.

Pricing for this middle-range model starts at $338,473.

If you want to take a look at this 2022 Ventana motorhome, check out the video tour of the Ventana diesel 4326 below.

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