Sadistic Dad Gives His Son a Good Scare Using Tesla's Summon Feature

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
You can't tell us you didn't immediately start thinking about all sorts of pranks the moment you heard about the Summon feature and still expect to go to Heaven. We know you did, and that's only because we did too.
The prospect of having a car move on its own has too many potential links with the world of magic to be ignored. After all, the "summon" name hasn't been chosen at random by the people at Tesla, since it's the kind of thing you'd hear people wearing starred robes and pointy hats say. Or those who wear too much black makeup and draw pentagrams, even though their efforts tend to focus on a single entity called Satan.

OK, so we'd all like to prank somebody using this ability of the car, but the real question is this: who? Do we do it on our parents? No, they're old and have more frail hearts, plus even though we're on our own, you can never know when you're going to need a nonrefundable loan from them.

Our spouses? Yeah, do that, but make sure you record it as we'll need the footage for your obituary. A total stranger? Too risky, you never know who you'll run into. Plus, it's not fun if you can't rub it in their face several times after that.

That leaves us with just one option, and it's so obvious I can't imagine why I didn't start with it: our kids. Isn't making fun of them the main reason we even have kids? No, of course not, don't send child protection down my house just yet, but you have to admit it's up there within the top five. And that's a very good thing considering how easy it is to exploit their naivety.

This dad of the year over here managed to set the ambush perfectly, leaving his phone in the car to record while his son was in the passenger's seat, doing what kids these days do 90 percent of the time they're awake: play on their smartphones. I doubt the kid didn't know about the Model S' ability to move on its own, but being in a car that starts rolling for no apparent reason, while also turning its wheel must be creepy as hell nonetheless. But not half as creepy as the dad's laugh when the prank was over. Here, see for yourself:

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