Sabertooth Trikes to Sport Rear-Wheel Steering

It looks like Sabertooth motorcycles, a rather new name in the industry with under 10 years of experience, is taking daring steps into the technology realm, as they patented a rear-wheel-steering system and complementary active suspension technology.
Sabertooth Wildcat trike 1 photo
Photo: Sabertooth Motorcycles
If anything, ZV-8 loaded trikes can be extremely fast in a straight line, but when it comes to being fast AND safe trough turns, they fall far behind their two-wheeled siblings. However, things might change in case Sabertooth’s SureTrac patent does the job the way its creators say.

Rear-wheel-steering should dramatically improve handling and safety through the bends, Sabertooth officials say. For an engineering point of view, trikes are even more prone to skidding with wither the front or the rear axle, given the fact that the front wheel is turning, whereas the rear ones are only traveling in a straight line. The new steering technology should decrease the skidding effect by correcting the trajectory.

Additionally, the DynaGrip Actve Suspension system promises further enhanced stability through the turns, with a solid advantage over existing independent rear suspensions (IRS). While IRS allow the outer springs to compress more in a turn, while expanding the inner ones, this causes a strong body roll effect, with a negative impact over the bike’s center of gravity.

The DynaGrip system takes into account the steering angle of the handlebars and modifies the stiffness of the rear suspension elements, counter-acting the roll effect and increasing stability. The trike will lean less and Sabertooth says that the feel when turning will be much more reassuring.

Visit the official website for more details on Sabertooth’s V8 and smaller trikes. Via CMG
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