S550 Ford Mustang, Sixth-Gen Chevrolet Camaro Become Urban Camouflage Wrap Twins

The wrap industry seems to be stronger than ever, with the latest example of this coming from the muscle rivals in the image above - are the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro the ideal base cars for a second skin job that can be described as... glamouflage? We're not sure about this one.
S550 Ford Mustang, Sixth-Gen Chevrolet Camaro wrap twins 3 photos
Urban camouflage wrap on S550 Mustang and Sixth-Gen CamaroUrban camouflage wrap on S550 Mustang and Sixth-Gen Camaro
Whether this kind of aftermarket play floats your boat or not, you'll have to admit the urban camo that now covers the coupes strongly plays with their appearance.

You can consider this a post-modern approach on the ever-fiercer Mustang vs Camaro brawl, especially since we're dealing with an S550 pony and a sixth-gen Camaro.

While the title of the image seems to be Mustang-vs-Camaro, some of you might rather think about the model that wears the urban camo with more... grace. Sure, there are differences between the wraps of the cars, but, especially to an untrained eye, they won't matter all that much.

While it might not seem like it in the photo showing the two slabs of America next to each other, the wrap we're looking at also involves a few shades of purple.

You can notice this in one of the pics we added below, with the photos coming from the Mustang onwer's Instagram. And yes, that velocity-addicted Yamaha R1 posing next to the fast Ford is owned by the same guy.

Oh, and by the way, the man seems to be keeping a close eye on Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s Formula Drift activity, since this 'Stang packs multiple RTR features we've seen on the athlete's sideways tool.

At first, you'd be tempted to say this is a blessing. Nevertheless, we don't even want to think about the horsepower figure the man's pony would require in order to feel as quick as the bike sitting next to it...


A photo posted by ◾️◽️Camo S550🐎🏁(Victor Ley) (@rtr_s550) on Dec 22, 2016 at 12:57pm PST


A photo posted by ◾️◽️Camo S550🐎🏁(Victor Ley) (@rtr_s550) on Jan 16, 2017 at 1:12pm PST


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